2022 Reading Challenge

Join us in completing the Weedsport Free Library 2022 Reading Challenge! Read 24 books of different categories in 2022 as a fun way to read more or broaden your horizons. Start at any time in 2022 by downloading the Reading Challenge Log and then read or listen to a book in each category at your own pace. Turn your log in by December 31, 2022 to enter a drawing for a chance to win some fun literary-themed prizes.

The categories are:

  • a book about a fresh start
  • an award-winning book
  • a book set in New York
  • a book by or about a person you admire
  • a book written by a person of color
  • a book told from multiple points of view
  • a book featuring a library or bookstore
  • a historical fiction
  • a book that has been frequently banned or challenged
  • a book adapted to a movie or TV series
  • a book about mental illness
  • a book about or featuring music
  • a book about about the immigrant experience
  • a thriller
  • a classic novel
  • a book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time
  • a book published in 2022
  • a book featuring friends
  • a feel good book
  • a book written by an author whose identity is important to you
  • a book you meant to read in 2021
  • a Goodreads winner in 2021
  • a book you wish you read as a child
  • a book published in 2012

Click here: Reading Challenge Log to download the reading challenge log at home or stop in the library to get a copy. If you need help finding a book please feel free to ask our library staff or stay tuned for suggestions to come online soon!

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