"No Place So Near Takes You So Far"

Weedsport Free Library


Wireless access is permitted only during regular library hours.  The wireless network is configured to turn off during closed hours.

Remember that wireless access is insecure and your data may be viewed by other users on the wireless connection.

 There is no printing available from your laptop computer.

 The following actions will not be allowed in the use of wireless Internet:

Sending or displaying obscene or disruptive messages or images
Changing or adding files to the network
Harassing, insulting or attacking others
Violating copyright laws or software license restrictions

Wireless users may configure their personal laptop for e-mail.

Wireless users may download files to their personal laptop.

The library is not responsible for loss of information or damage to the patron’s personal laptop that might result from using the wireless network.

Wireless usage is subject to monitoring to assure these rules are followed.

The library staff reserves the right to ask wireless users to leave if they feel the patron is using the wireless connection inappropriately. 

Copies of “Wireless Internet Access Set-up Directions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” are available at the circulation desk.